I Beat The Yahoo Answers Challenge!

This is an actual true story that took place on Yahoo! Answers.

A newbie investor was greedy and wanted to make some quick gains. So he turned to the “so-called” experts on Yahoo! Answers. He asked for 5 stocks that would average 30% each in a months time.

Dozens of people put in their two cents. I knew I could do that in one week so I decided to help the newbie and give him my five outstanding picks.

Before the results are in, the guy said I was a “smart alec”, and laughed at me when I guaranteed my stocks would average a gain of 30% EACH in one week!

Watch this video and see how he blew it when opportunity came knocking on his doorstep:

I understand as an investor we are bombarded with newspapers, magazines, and TV shows all telling us what we should be investing in. It’s tough to know who to believe. The least they could have done was to wait until the results were in before passing judgement.

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