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A Lesson From Buffett’s $1 Million Bet – Hedge Fund vs. S&P Index Fund

Back in 2007, America’s most successful investor, Warren Buffett, claimed that you can’t outperform the S&P 500 by investing in a hedge fund. Buffett was so confident in his prediction he was willing to to offer $1 million to charity if any hedge fund manager could outperform his strategy of buying and holding a low-cost S&P Index Fund. Initially no on [...]

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How Are Stocks Bought And Sold

Stock trading online can be a bit intimidating for a beginner. By reading this article I will hopefully answer the question, "How are stocks bought and sold online". Go Long or Go Short To tell your broker whether you want to go long (your betting the price goes up) or go short (betting the price goes down) you will need to select the appropriate action. Use Buy (when you [...]

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Best Stock Investments In A Bear Market

The markets are crashing, how can you profit from this? I never recommend going short on a stock. Way too risky and your broker can kick you out of the trade right before it's about to rebound. I recommend going to a savings account, buying an inverse ETF, or buying stock puts. If you must invest, in this post you'll discover how to pick the best stock investments in a bear [...]

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SELL IN MAY AND GO AWAY – Does It Really Work?

Sell In May And Go Away is an investment strategy that suggests the months of November through the end of April are the best performing months. Investors should sell their holding at the end of April and go to cash until the next November. Does this really work? Are markets cyclical in nature and can be timed? In Academic circles they reject this idea because it violates th [...]

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