Whether you are new to stock trading, or have been trading for years, since you’re here right now, something tells me that you want more control over your financial future. You want a bigger retirement account. You want an extra stream of income.

But maybe you…

  • Don’t know how to get started
  • Don’t know which stocks to pick for good profits
  • Don’t know when to sell
  • Have no time for researching stocks and keeping up with the economy
  • Having trouble making consistent gains
  • Don’t want to give your money to a stranger to manage

No matter where you are in your investing journey, I’m sure you are looking to grow your funds faster, safer, and with less work.

Trust me my friend, I have been there.

Around here, I have a few core beliefs…

  • Nobody is going to take better care of your money than you! Giving your money to someone else to manage is an easy way to be a victim of a Ponzi scheme.
  • Investing in the stock market is one of the top 5 ways of creating wealth in America (Forbes Magazine agrees with me).
  • Investing in the market does not require expert knowledge or endless hours of research.

The gist is this: you want to know WHAT to buy, WHEN to buy, and WHEN to exit for consistent gains that beats the market by at least 300% and I’m here to help you do just that!

Hello! My name is William Boyett and I am OBSESSED with helping others reach their financial goals through investing in the US stock market.

How did this become my way of life?

Back in the 90’s I had my life savings in a 401K, an IRA account, and a savings account. All were under performing the markets. I turned the money over to a broker in an attempt to do better. My broker had me constantly buying and selling my stocks with no returns. I think he did it mostly to make the $250 commission on each trade.

I had enough. I paid tens of thousands of dollars to be mentored by the best investors. I spent years studying how to evaluate stocks and the markets. In the end my hard work paid off.

My friends started to take notice of my success in the markets and asked me to teach them, or at least share my picks with them. After awhile they began to refer to me as the “Stock Locater”.

Unfortunately my success became a curse.

My friends would call me every night and then again every morning wanting to know what I’ll be trading next. I had lost control of my time. Something had to be done. That’s when I decided to start my newsletter and this blog. It gave me a place and an outlet where I could share my knowledge and stock picks with everyone.

I quickly found out that if you give away your stock picks for free, people don’t appreciate them. In fact on Yahoo Answers they called me a “smart alec” and laughed at me when I gave out 5 free stock picks that would go up an average of 30% each in one week. On Quora, they called me an “idiot” when I gave out a free stock pick that had no chance of losing money, but had a great chance of going up 60% in the next month (the stock did go up the 60%). You can watch it here:

I try to help people and that’s the thanks I get.

I understand, people don’t value free stuff and I do make some high flying claims that are hard to believe (but I can back them up, that’s the difference from me and the others).

I may no longer give free picks here on my website, but you can find many educational posts to help you learn the stock market. I’ve also put together a collection of my favorite trading strategies that you can use to find your next big winner.

If you have no time to learn or implement a trading strategy, I do offer a paid subscription service where you are emailed WHEN to buy, WHAT to buy, and WHEN to sell. Easiest and quickest ways to outperform the markets and grow your portfolio.

Lastly, your success with stock investing/trading depends a lot on the market direction.

I want to help you stay on the right side of the market. Signup to my mailing list and get instant access to my Market Timing Indicator that predicts major crashes and rallies in the markets. In addition, you’ll also get new trading strategies as I find and test them plus plenty of tips and tricks for beating the markets.

Thank you for visiting and taking the time to read all that I offer here and the benefits you gain. If you ever have any questions, feel free to use my contact link found on every page.