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Congratulations on your decision to explore a better way to trade the markets. I honestly believe that what you will discover here, is the simplest and easiest way for anyone (even a beginner), to make big gains in the stock market.

2009 +23.45% +58.34%
2010 +12.78% +261.02%
2011 +0.00% +156.13%
2012 +13.41% +97.36%
2013 +29.60% +37.01%
2014 +11.39% +65.48%
2015 -0.73% +2.49%
2016 +9.54% +104.05%
2017 +19.42% +58.71%
2018 -6.24% +90.76%
2019 +28.80% +40.80%
2020 +16.26% +54.54%
2021 +26.89% -3.03%

Please note. For simplicity and easy verification of gains, the returns shown above are gains taken from the last closing trade in one year to the last closing trade the next year. View individual trades that were released by the system here.

If you would like similar results, you are in the right place. Keep reading and I’ll explain how you can copy me and make the same trades I’m making. Soon you’ll be outperforming the markets and achieving similar results as those on the returns.

The Best Indicators Of Future Market Movement Are Price And Volume

In my many years of trading and research, I have found that the best indicators of future market movement are price and volume. Is the money coming in, or is it going out? If I could spot a reversal in the money flow in the early stages, I could use the information to get in before everyone else and let them push the prices up.

Several years ago I built an app (or as I like to call it, a Market Timing Indicator). The MTI allows me to take advantage of these market shifts without me having to constantly monitor the markets (I wanted this to be easy).

Your MTI alerts you to the ups and downs that occur during a Bull or Bear market. This is were the money is made, trading these ups and down.

Your MTI displays it’s current prediction for the markets as well as if now is the right time to start trading that move.

How $10,000 Turned Into $1 Million

When my MTI alerts me to a rise in the market, I simply buy the ETF TNA (you could use UPRO or SPXL also). These ETFs are guaranteed to go up if my MTI is correct. When my MTI alerted me to a drop in the markets, I just switch and buy the ETF TZA instead (could use SPXU or SPXS instead). TZA goes up when the markets drop.

By simply switching back and forth between TNA and TZA, $10,000 would have turned into $1 million in 6 years working less than 10 minutes per month, trading from home.

The secret this worked so well on 55% winners is the fact that each winner returned around 13% while each loser lost only 6% on average. My system has reduced trading to nothing more than a numbers game. Do enough trades you should come out a big winner in the long run.

You do the math. If every 10 trades you have 5-6 winners averaging a gain of 13% each, and 4-5 losers averaging a 6% loss each, that’s the recipe for success in the markets. I can do that over and over all year long and I would like you to do it with me.

How You’ll Benefit From This Service:


Know Exactly When To Enter And Exit

You’ll be notified in advance via email when my MTI triggers an alert of an impending shift in the markets. Just login the next day and trade.


Easy To Use

On average, my trading strategy requires just 1.5 trades per month at 5 minutes per trade. That’s just 8 minutes of work per month or 1.5 hours per year!


Huge Gains

OK just because the strategy made huge gains in the past does not mean it will again. No guarantee. But the possibility is there based on past performance.

See the results here.


Access To My Private Subscriber Area

Use the subscriber’s area to verify the trade my strategy is in. Check to make sure you have the latest email. I don’t want you to miss a trade.

What Subscribers Are Saying:

“Since I joined 1 year ago, I am up 144%!!”
David L.


“Thank you for this service. You have given me a way to protect my downside that I did not previously have and I greatly appreciate that.”
Thomas P.

“I don’t know how I came across your website but I’m sure glad I did. It really has given me the perspective I need to trade ETFs and so far I’ve been doing great.

I’ve been a subscriber now for about 5 months. Not one losing trade yet for me so I certainly can’t complain about that. Keep up the good work and please don’t retire!”


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