3 Ways Avoid Losing Money In The Stock Market

Your reading this right now because your looking for ways to stop losing money in the stock market. If you are ready to cut through the BS and avoid losses and really start making money, let me offer you three ways to do it.

1 - Technical Analysis

This is probably the best way to pick buy and sell points on any stock. However, there are a million ways to technically analyze a stock. So I’m going to cut through the BS for you and recommend

Study the “Flag” pattern and the “Rectangle” pattern. These are the two easiest patterns to spot and they occur all the time in a stocks chart so you should have plenty of trading action.

Once you are familiar with the two patterns, start testing yourself to see if you can accurately spot these patterns in a chart. To do that, look at a “yearly” chart of a stock. Make sure you select last year. Then see if you can spot the pattern. If you do, go forward in the chart and see how your trade would have turned out.

Once you are making gains instead of losses, it’s time to start investing real money on it.

If you think that is too much work, I have two more ways to stop losing money in the stock market. These upcoming two, are the fast and lazy way to stock market profits.

2 - Get a Mentor

When I first started I hired three mentors, one taught me how to pick winning stocks, one taught me how to trade options, and the third one taught me how to create profitable trading strategies and backtesting.

If you need help finding a mentor, use my Contact form and I’ll share some options with you.

3 - Follow A Proven Trading Strategy

If you can’t afford a mentor and don’t have the time to spend learning a little technical analysis, then this method is the best way to stop losing money in the markets.

On September 11, 2018 I followed the steps of my Profit Picker trading strategy to pick two stocks. Within two weeks, those two stocks were up an average 9%. Took maybe 10 minutes to select stocks and buy.

The next day, September 12, I used another free trading strategy found here on, called Volatile Stock Trading (VST).

Once again another decent gain. After two weeks, my two picks were up an average 30%!

If you can follow steps, then trading one of these strategies could help you stop losing money in the stock market.

If you are the type of person that likes others to just alert you when to buy and sell without having to follow steps, then I suggest my Index Trading Strategy. Every day I examine the markets and decide whether to buy, hold, or sell.

If there is a trade to be made, I text or email it to all my subscribers. We all make our trades at the same time. Basically my subscribers are copying what I’m doing in my own trading, without having to do any research.

If losses in the stock market are keeping you awake at night, then now is the time to take action. Select one of these proven ways and put it into motion today.

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