How To Become An Expert Trader/Investor

Everyone earns money and we all need to invest those earnings so they can work hard for us.

My vehicle for wealth is stock investing. Most of the richest people have made a big portion of their wealth in the stock markets. It is something everyone should master because we will be doing it the rest of our lives.

In this post I’ll give you my crash course on what you need to know to be an expert trader and/or investor.

There are two ways to evaluate a stock or index. Technical Analysis or Fundamental Analysis. I’m a firm beliver in Technical Analysis and will show you how to use it to make big gains.

You need to learn the basics first. I suggest you have a good understanding ud Support and Resistence as well as Trend Lines. You can find some good articles on this here:

Support And Resistence
Trend Lines

Once you understand the basic signals of when a stock or index will reverse, now it’s time to graduate to more advanced signals, chart patterns. Here are two of my favorite sites for learning:

Now that you know the signals, it’s time to practice with them. I suggest two things you should do now:

1) get a subscription of IBD (Investors Business Daily) or go to the library and read the copies thay have. It is an invaluable resource for learning technical signals. You can find it here:

2) Another good source for practicing is free and it’s online at:

Once you can consistently beat the game, now you are ready to actually start trading and/or investing your money.

If all of the above looks like too much work, you can always take the easy way out. Have me read the signals and tell you when it’s time to buy and sell. You can do that with my Index Trading Strategy and within minutes you’ll be an expert trader and/or investor:

StockLocater’s Index Trading Strategy

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