11 Free Stock Investing Tools

To be a successful stock trade you need tools to do your job. There are many
expensive tools on the market. However today, I would like to share with you some of the many free stock investing tools I have found on the web.

Hot Industries
I always preach how important it is to buy stocks in hot industries. Yahoo has an excellent free tool for finding hot industries and the stocks within them:
Yahoo Finance
Technical Analysis
To do technical analysis you need charts, here are two of my favorites:
Yahoo Finance
Stock Screener
With 14,000+ stocks to look through, you definately need a stock screener to weed out the losers or to just test strategies you are developing. I use a paid service but here are three FREE ones that may have what you are looking for:
Market Watch
Zacks Stock Screener
Trading Simulator
Here is where you can take your technical analysis knowledge and test yourself in simulations taken from real life situations. Practice using your chart reading skills to beat the markets:

Historical Prices
I can’t tell you how many times I have been in need of looking up historical prices on a stock, again the nod goes to Yahoo:
Yahoo Finance
Warren Buffet’s Value Formula
Here is a calculator that allows you to select stocks using Warren Buffet’s Value Formula:
Value Formula Calculator
Investing Software
Here are two sites with dozens of free investing programs that you can download. Look through here for any that might spark your interest:
Free Software
Investment Tools
Investment Calculators
Here is a site with dozens of free investment calculators:
Investment Calcuators

Market Timer
This tool predicts 10% drops or rallies in the Russell 2000. You can sign up to my free alert service (look for the orange box on this page) and I’ll email you when the next 10% drop or rally is coming.
Major Trend Indicator

I hope you enjoy these free tools and until next time, keep the profits big and the losses small.

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