This Is Why I Don’t Give Stock Picks For Free

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I don’t give stock picks for free.

I tried it once back in 2009 when I was still trading stocks. I had just started my subscription service and I needed subscribers. I thought I would go to Yahoo Answers and dazzle them with my stock picking skills. If they liked my results, perhaps they would subscribe for more picks.

I found a question where the asker wanted 5 stocks that would go up 30% in a month.

I was so confident in my ability that I bragged that I could pick 5 stocks that would each go up 30% IN ONE WEEK!.

Before they even saw the results, the asker called me a “smart alec”, the others laughed at me and said it couldn’t be done.

In the end, my 5 stocks went up 36% on average that week. Nobody else was able to even come close. Watch the short video below, or go to Yahoo Answers and search for the questions and my response. It’s all dated on the site and you can look up the results for yourself.

I learned a valuable lesson that day. If you give people something for free, they don’t appreciate the value in what is given them. When they don’t appreciate, they don’t take action, and thus they miss out on opportunity.

This theory came to light again recently. After 8 years of not posting a stock pick publicly, I broke my rule.

I was on another question and answer site, this one called Quora. Someone had asked about our best trade. I mentioned my 5 stock picks on Yahoo Answers and how I predicted they would rise 30% on average in the next week and they did.

To my horror, a reader then asked the dreadful question, “do you have any picks for the next week?”. I said I would never give another pick for free, but sometimes my urge to help others overcomes my common sense.

I informed him there was nothing for the next week. However, if the markets don’t crash in January 2017, expect CBDS to move sideways or go from $5 to $8 (a 60% gain).

Before the results were in, the asker called me an “idiot”, and another reader laughed at me.

This is the honest truth. Just like the first time. You would think I would learn. Doesn’t matter. The markets did not crash in January and CBDS hit $8 on January 18 2017, giving my pick a 60% gain in 3 weeks. You can watch it here in this video:

As we saw in the first video, there were a lot of people giving their picks. They all failed. I was the only one able to do it, so I can see where people would just laugh at anyone attempting such a feat.

The lesson to be learned is this, there are some experts out there who know what they are doing. If you find someone giving you a hot stock, simply say, “Thanks, lets see if you are right.” If their predictions come true, you want to follow and keep that person as a friend. Don’t burn your bridges by calling them names before the results of the prediction are in.

While I no longer offer a paid stock picking service, I do offer an index trading system that will send you emails on which ETF to trade and when. There is a 30-Day Money back guarantee. If you want to copy what I’m doing, click here for more details.

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