StockLocater Outperforms Fidelity’s Top Fund Manager


I love to challenge the world’s best money managers.

This time I went after Fidelity Investments. With over 7.3 trillion in assets and nearly 1000 investment professionals to carry out extensive and in-depth research, I wanted to find out if I could out trade Wall Street’s best.

As of today, Fidelity’s top mutual fund is FBGRX managed by Sonu Kalra. In his 22 years with Fidelity, Kalra has managed many Fidelity funds and took over Fidelity’s Blue Chip Growth Fund in 2009.

FBGRX has been awarded 5 stars by Morningstar and has consistently beat it’s benchmark over the last 10 years.

This will be no easy task to outperform Kalra and hundreds of Fidelity’s analysts and researchers.


As of October 22, 2020 for the preceding 3 years, FBGRX averaged an annual gain of 26.19%.


Subscribers to my Index Trading Strategy (which is also for growth) achieved an average annual gain of 28.00% beating Fidelity’s top fund manager.

This goes to prove, you don’t need any fancy education, you don’t need to have any knowledge of the stock market (other than how to buy and sell stocks) to outperform the world’s best investors. All you need is a subscription to my Index Trading System (shameless plug).


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