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Top 5 Bull Markets Of All Time

BULL MARKET WATCH: Since my last update the S&P has moved closer to becoming the longest bull market in history. Less than one year to go. [...]

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BUY HIGH SELL HIGHER – Strategy For Big Gains

Many investors have a hard time wrapping their mind around this concept. They want to wait for the stock to drop so they can buy low sell high. Unfortunately, stocks on a big run, don't go back to old lows. Buy High Sell Higher can keep you from missing some of the biggest gains in your life. Take a look at every stock that has gone on to make gains of 500% or more. What did [...]

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SELL IN MAY AND GO AWAY – Does It Really Work?

Sell In May And Go Away is an investment strategy that suggests the months of November through the end of April are the best performing months. Investors should sell their holding at the end of April and go to cash until the next November. Does this really work? Are markets cyclical in nature and can be timed? In Academic circles they reject this idea because it violates th [...]

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12 Free Stock Investing Tools

To be a successful stock trade you need tools to do your job. There are many expensive tools on the market. However today, I would like to share with you some of the many free stock investing tools I have found on the web. Market Timer This tool predicts 20% drops or rallies in the Russell 2000. You can sign up to my free alert service (look for the orange box on this [...]

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