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Volatile Stocks Trading Strategy

Volatile Stock Trading Strategy If you seek big returns over short period of times, it is crucial you locate stocks with high volatility. Volatile stocks have the ability to make double digit gains (or losses) within a day or two. Since the reward is high, you must be willing to accept a high degree of risk. The secret to finding volatile stocks to exploit comes in know [...]

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Top 5 Stock Market Investing Basics

5 Stock Market Investing Basics You’ve saved some money and you want to invest it in the stock market. You’ll first need to understand some stock market investing basics. I hope you enjoyed the 5 basics rules of stock market investing. Please read the next article in the series The 4 Popular Investing Styles   [...]

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How To Make Extra Profits From Your Stocks

Let's examine a typical stock investment and I'll show you how to make extra profits from your stock. First off, every investor should have an exit strategy BEFORE they buy. This means you have a target price in mind that you will sell at. In my example, I'll use Walmart as an example. At the time of this writing, Walmart (WMT) is currently trading at $50. If you look u [...]

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How To Do Market Timing

We all have a choice, we can take the slow buy and hold approach to retirement wealth, or we can learn how to do market timing and accelerate our returns. By tripling your returns over buy and hold, you can retire a lot sooner. It is my goal in the post to have you tripling your market returns by understanding how to do market timing. I will reveal how I time the ups and [...]

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