What i like about the system is that it takes the emotion out of trading, which is the downfall of many traderes.
Nikki N.
I for one want to say Thank You William for sharing this and making it available to us. For the first time I feel confident that my wife and I will have a decent retirement. I’m 52 and after raising 4 wonderful kids (my two boys just left to the Army this year) I hadn’t set enough away for a good retirement. I feel now we can make up some lost time and will be able to grow our IRA’s to a good size.
Frank V.
Thanks for all the hard work. Not only do you provide a service, but your updates help to educate us traders.
Doug R.
Thanks William. It’s nice to see that you are the type of person whose service is backed up by owner involvement and enthusiasm. I have no doubt I’ve made the right choice. And I think you know by now that I have studied and researched your system from top to bottom before I made major commitments. I’ll see my $200k turn into $1mil in 3 yrs or less.
Rick A.
My 16yr old daughter and 18yr old son have UTMA investment accounts that have accumulated around 10k each. I have turned them onto your tna/tza strategy so the plan is they should be millionaires by the time they finish college. Its the best present a parent can give to their kids… an easy investment strategy that they can learn.
Since I joined 1 year ago, I am up 144%!!
David L.
Don’t know how I came across your website but I’m sure glad I did. It really has given me the perspective I need to trade ETFs and so far I’ve been doing great.

I’ve been a subscriber now for about 5 months. Not one losing trade yet for me so I certainly can’t complain about that. Keep up the good work and please don’t retire!


You have sparked an interest in investing I used to have but turned much of it over in the past 10 years to robo advisors. While they have done well for me over the years, your reviews pushed me to research more and more. I have taken back control of my investing and really have found, or new-found, a passion I used to have (before marriage, kids, etc).
Mark C.


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