The returns posted on this site use the BASIC Plan. PREMIUM Plan offers everything the BASIC does, plus additional trading strategies and market timing tools for those who want more action or to create their own timing strategies.

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Unlike the Index Trading System that is invested in ETF's all year round, the Drawdown Strategy only invests during the BEST times of the year. less exposure to the markets with BIGGER gains.

With Premium Access you have a second dashboard that lists all the Drawdown's current buys and when to sell making it easy to follow.

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Access to an additional chat room for advanced traders who have found other ways to use the Index Trading System for big gains and love to share their findings.

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When you are looking for some action, this tool allows you to instantly see all the settings that have a BUY recommendation for today.
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Monitor intra-day lows and closes, along with the daily drawdowns from the S&P's last all-time high.
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Displays all the BUY recommendations given by the "Get Recommendation" button.
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Analyze various ETF's and time periods. Discover profitable day trades using gaps at the open.

This indicator keeps you informed of the settings that are hot now. Set your MTI and start trading what's hot.
With this Indicator, you will know days in advance, when the major trend of the market is about to shift from a BULL to BEAR market or vice versa.

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