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When leveraged Index ETF's were first released in late 2008, founder, William Boyett discovered they were the perfect investment vehicle to use for timing the stock market.

William had spent 15 years researching market timing. Using stocks was not always a good thing. Even if William was corretc on market direction, 25% of stocks still go the opposite way. Leveraged Index ETF's on the other hand, showed a profit 99% of the time when correct on market direction.

I know most people feel it's impossible to time the markets. It's taken William a long time to perfect. However, the results of market timing with his Index Trading Strategy vs a "Buy and Hold" approach speaks for itself in the chart below.

Starting with a $10,000 portfolio and buying and holding TNA when the markets are predicted to rise, then selling TNA and moving the funds into TZA when the markets are predicted to drop resulted in the following returns:


To state the obvious, you don't do 47x better than the stock market's return over 9+ years by getting lucky.

Now, if you're like most people, you're probably ready to start investing like a pro.

You want your money to start working for you.

You would love to give your family the gift of true financial security and freedom.

Because it's not about money... it's about improving the quality of life.

And whether you want to buy a vacation home, a sailboat, or simply pay tuition for your kids and grandkids...

It simply isn't possible without money.

And investing is the best way we know to create that kind of wealth.

We know you're considering joining our Index Trading Strategy, because otherwise you wouldn't be reading this.

But you might wonder why now is the right time to join.

Well, while timing isn't everything, due to the daily compounding nature these ETF's it pays to get started as soon as possible.

Just consider this:

If you had joined four years ago, you'd be up 300% today.

If you had invested just $10,000 nine years ago you'd be sitting on $1.6 million dollars today. Enough to retire. Most people slave away 40 hours a week for 40 years or more and never save $1.6 million.

It's time to stop waiting.

There will never be a "perfect" moment to make the changes you've been wanting to make.

Why don't you make today the day you take your first step towards your new life by joining our Index Trading Strategy?

Especially since you can get started for just $19.95 a month - our lowest price EVER!

And good investing has the potential to make anybody rich beyond their wildest dreams, including you.

The stock market is a great equalizer. It doesn't care who you are, how much money you make, or how well-connected you are.

Plumbers, doctors, and millionaire playboys can all buy the same ETF's and stocks at the same price. It's a level playing field once you know what to buy.

Our favorite success stories are from people who weren't sure they could manage their own money, but then followed our recommendations to achieve major accomplishments.

"As a beginner, I don't know how to do research. Using Stocklocater's Index Trading Strategy I just follow the 1-2 trades each month. Couldn't be simpler. - Cory B."

"Thanks to the Index Trading Strategy, my portfolio is up 55% after my first 7 months. I can't believe how easy it was. - Kathy K."

Ok, let me take a step back and tell you what you can expect as a new Index Trading member.

Save $16% today with this special invitation!

Normally, Index Trading Strategy costs $240 per year.

And given the kind of performance we've shown you today, we're sure you'll agree that's a bargain in itself.

But, William wants to make it easier for you to join us today.

So he's given us the green light to offer you an even better deal... One that allows you to lock in our best price.

With this offer, you can join Index Trading Strategy today for an entire year and pay only $199.95. That's 16% less than what new members have gladly paid to join.

Looking for more flexbility? Join our monthly subscription for just $19.95 a month and cancel anytime.

By joining today you will recieve:


Know Exactly When To Enter And Exit

You'll be notified in advance via email/text of an impending shift in the markets. Just login the next day and make the recommended trade.


Easy To Use

On average, this strategy requires just 1.5 trades per month at 5 minutes per trade. That's just 8 minutes of work per month or 1.5 hours per year!


Big Gains

OK just because the strategy has averaged 6x better then the S&P does not mean it will again. No guarantee. But the possibility is there based on past performance.

See the results here.


Access To Market Timing Indicators

Every day our proprietary MTI's keeps you up to date on upcoming crashes, corrections, and rallies in the stock market. Now you can be the market timing genius.


You can get started with the Index Trading Strategy today for just $19.95 a month and cancel anytime.

If you decide the Index Trading Strategy isn't for you, simply cancel your subscription within the first thirty days (we've made it quick and easy to cancel), and you'll be refunded 100% of your membership fee. No questions asked. Just a prompt, full refund.

Why are we doing this?

Because we believe in this service - we've worked hard to make it extraordinary, and we believe you'll agree once you see inside.

So for just $19.95 - what's there to lose?

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